October 2014 Webinar

Applying e-commerce Strategies and Best Practices in Graduate Enrollment Management to Build Your Website
Marc-Olivier Ouellet, Université de Montreal
October 22, 2014
2pm Eastern

When Peoplesoft was deployed throughout its campus last year, the University of Montreal had to completely change its admission and recruitment website. In the process, the recruitment team learned much about the latest trends in Web and social media. In this session, you will learn how the University took an innovative approach in building a website that would meet the needs of Web-savvy users and prepare the University for the future, without the use of proprietary systems and CRM. The presenter will show you how you can implement features borrowed from e-commerce websites and apply them to your website. Then, you’ll discover the process that was put in place to achieve its project, from its initial definition, to organizing focus groups with faculty and staff, to prototyping, development and quality control. Various e-commerce features and trends that can be used on University websites will be discussed, such as comparing programs, faceted search engines, suggestions, social login and more, yet without going too deep in the technical side of them. Finally, you’ll learn how you can integrate such tools to collect information on your website about your users and then, how you can link that data to your existing system to measure and evaluate the impact of your recruitment efforts.

To register contact Jody Burke.